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CTM4.1: Zul'Aman washed four boxes of new anti-bear riding exper

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Teammates ask for much, but relatively strong ability to AOE, equipment, good SS, FS, LR base to 2, followed by the need for a good close combat, warfare personal recommendation is, of course, good or DZ at times, was quite well equipped the discipline.
Then start into the bar for the team is not sure to open a voodoo heap is a good choice, you can raise a lot of DPS, then mixture, eat the food on it.
Eagle God Ejido Gilson:

One difficulty of the mobs before the BOSS is not large, the basic one pull two waves can directly kill Windrunner pull the next wave, and short, do not stop, back over the mobs can blame LR misleading or DZ, kick after the popular open thugs who pay attention to the mob do not eat irony, this time must be set aside to ensure a 3 star shield fierce DPS will not OT. The BOSS must ensure that the treatment of magic in about 75% open, or let the treatment of eating big blue bar, you can choose to open in the BOSS Bloodlust / Heroism.
God Manalo Bear Lake:
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BOSS II ADD before the first wave of mobs do not kill, kill the first wave of Priority Axe Thrower, a single point you can, kill 2 after throwing ax to open the bear, points out the bears can have 10 seconds after restoration time, so bear only 50% in the second when the treatment of blood allocated blame to go in front.
Following a wave of strange the way we take in addition to the witch doctor that I pulled all the mobs outside, the rest DPS priority points out the witch doctor, witch doctors that the best time to give a sanction, in short, do not let the witch doctor to put out the stick. Knight to take the following two bears single point, after the first point of Bear Cubs appear, then scrapping the next one, do not blindly AOE, two bear the damage is very high, to avoid cross-skill in this place.
After a difficult, which is 2 to 4 mobs in front, a single control on sheep throwing ax, double control can bring the witch doctor, did not control it first opened St. Mary Help of Christians, and then shield mobs top of the wall, and let DPS speed RUSH out in accordance with the witch doctor after throwing ax, bear, bear a single point of order. BOSS war can be said without too much pressure, as long as the treatment of the blue about 75% is absolutely no problem, but the BOSS melee DPS warrior clear asset - -!
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